PSYCH “In for a Penny…” Review

PSYCH "In for a Penny." Season 6 Episode 7 – In this episode Shawn and Gus solve a couple of crimes and meet Captain Kirk…erm I mean William Shatner..oops, I mean Juliet’s dad (aka Frank). Mr. Shatner did a great job and I gotta say that this one took me for a bit of a ride emotionally. First it was "Yay! We get to meet Juliet’s dad! Ain’t he cool??", then it was more like "Juliet’s dad is a what?", then "Oh goodie, he’s helping!", then "Damn him! What a jerk!" and finally, "Aww..he’s trying to be good."

From one minute to the next I could not figure out how I wanted to feel about the guy. I seriously ran the gambit all the way from totally hating his guts and never wanting Juliet to see him again, to wanting to hug the guy. Talk about diversity. Read More...


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