SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC "Cult Like" Season 23 Episode 12 – Well, that’s that. No more Savaii members to vote out, and no more easy vote decisions. Therefore, Survivor started out "Cult Like" with Cochran coming to the very obvious realization that he is in very real danger coming into the next vote. He did the classic Survivor move of making the public appeal to the tribe, and I actually think it might have helped here. Usually I just feel like these little speeches just hurt whoever’s giving them, as it just comes off desperate and weak, but Cochran’s experience in law really helped in appealing to this jury of his peers.

Right after that, we get into one of the most emotional Duels I’ve ever seen on the show. Ozzy was able to continue his dominance and knock out Dawn and Whitney, but that’s not the story here. Dawn’s impassioned and emotional speech about following your dreams and doing whatever you set your mind to was a little cliche, but it was so from the heart that you can’t help but getting a little choked up. Dawn bothered me when we first started the game, but she’s really grown on me and I’m bummed to see her go. Oh, and Whitney is gone. Read More...


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