Ringer Promo: New Episodes Return in January!

The midseason finale of Ringer this week was filled with a few twists and turns.  Malcolm and Bridget quickly realized that Charlie had been holding Gemma and called the cops to investigate.  Unfortunately, his position as a former cop allowed him to escape investigation.  But he was forced to move Gemma and blackmailed both Siobhan and Bridget into giving him money for Gemma's safe return.  When neither girl could come through, he ended up shooting and killing Gemma.  But Siobhan returned to New York and ended up confronting Charlie and accidentally killed him.  Now the missing sister has decided to stick around the Big Apple.  But she's still stringing Tyler along by telling him that she's pregnant with his baby.

Andrew and Bridget celebrated "their" anniversary, although their night out was impacted by Charlie's ransom demand for Gemma.  The couple grew closer in the episode and even slept together.  Andrew even refused to let Bridget meet Charlie alone and offered up the money for the ransom.  When they learned they were too late to save Gemma, he also let Malcolm continue to bunk at their apartment.  But with his real wife back in town, will he soon learn the truth about Bridget's lies? Read More...



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