'Ringer' recap: Sorry Charlie

The holidays came early for pretty much everyRinger fan and me: Last night’s episode had perhaps a record number of shots of the GINORMOUS PHOTO OF SIOBHAN. It was in the episode so much it should have gotten a special shout-out in the credits. Speaking of the credits, I’m obsessed with the fact that one of the guest stars is named Gage Golightly (upon further research, I realized she seems to be the slutty bad girl who got in a fight with Juliet). Anyways, back to GINORMOUS PHOTO OF SIOBHAN -- there were literally moments when I thought that monstrosity would start talking, which would have been simultaneously awesome, and the moment when Ringerjumped the shark. But let’s get to what actually happened in tonight’s fall finale.

So the episode picked up pretty much right after the most recent with Bridget and Malcolm realizing that Charlie isn’t what he seems. Bridge returns home to find the floor covered in white roses which I’m sure is gonna be a real pain for their maid to take care of. Andrew redecorated since the next day would be their six-year anniversary. So the pair then make sweet sweet love. Post sex, Bridget naturally takes a few moments to stare at the GINORMOUS PHOTO of her sister. Malcolm eventually shows up with the phone he stole from Charlie’s house. Turns out it was Gemma’s phone and not Charlie’s. Read More...



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