'New Girl' recap: Bells du Jour

We rejoined the gang on an average day at the apartment as Schmidt tried to foist a giant sushi platter on his roommates: "You know you want in on this, man! A little fatty tune, yellow-T, Cali roll, Samurai snack. So scrummy!" Nick wasn't interested in Schmidt's random $80 of sushistravaganza, but Schmidt thought Winston would be now that he had a "serious J-O-B," by which we mean a temp job that apparently involved putting one different size envelope into another.

Indeed, it was a thrilling vocation ("I sometimes touch the frayed end of the power cord just to feel something") that he had for about 10 seconds until Jess welcomed a gaggle of youths into their home to play hand bells. Their other option, it turns out, was early morning detention. (And one of them was Raven Goodwin! Did this thrill anyone else? Bueller, Bueller?) "I know hand bells aren't the coolest instrument in the world," Jess admitted. "They may not even be the fifth coolest," but it was enough to convince Winston. Add to that Jess's geektastic ecstasy at his willingness to join the bell choir, which was worth a whole paragraph -- and that's without mentioning her impromptu song: "Winston and me are playing bells every day!" Who's that girl? It's Jess! Read More...



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