New Girl Review: Hell's Bells Spells Trouble

"Bells" had some really strong performances from the cast tonight. It also brought out some deeper tension than usual from the usually tight-knit group.

The Good. Let me first talk about Winston tonight. Since his introduction, after replacing the immediately memorable Coach character, he really hasn't had much of a chance to stand out. He had a late start, plus some larger than life room-mates to compete with, so it was understandable. Here his role was finally infused with some lasting flavor. Yes, we know he's got a great memory for names, we know of his basketball background, and that he's got history with the other boys. But they were like garnishes, not exactly filling. Here we saw his perfectionist intensity stir up lots of trouble. He lost his temp job, then bummed out Jess' less motivated students. Sure, it's a bit of a "Coach" reincarnation, but I'll take it. At least he was finally something more than an extra warm body around which things could happen. Read More...


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