Naruto Season 4 Episode 93 Breakdown! The Deal is Off! Episode Recap

Having recognized that Tsunade's healing jutsu was filled with killing intent, Kabuto realized that she had no intention of helping Orochimaru. While Tsunade would have given anything to see her loved ones again, she couldn't bring herself to heal Orochimaru as he would only destroy Konoha, the village both her brother and lover died to protect. With Tsunade being the only person who can heal Orochimaru, they decide to take her by force, and Kabuto and Tsunade begin to fight. Although Tsunade has far more battle experience than Kabuto, he is able to hold his own against her, even managing to get in a few debilitating attacks. As Kabuto prepares to put Tsunade out of commission, Naruto, Jiraiya, and Tsunade's assistant, Shizune, arrive to help.

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