Glee Recap: Lady Music

Oh, look! The old Glee is BACK! No, I don’t mean the old old Glee, which came back strong in episode six, providing familiar season-one chestnuts like "entertainment" and "logic" and "events in the lives of characters" — I mean the newer old Glee from earlier in this season, when all the episodes had the dramatic tension and character development of a bar of soap with a hair on it. It’s one of those again. And even worse, they won’t even give bar-of-soap-with-a-hair-on-it a writing credit (even though it OBVIOUSLY wrote this entire episode), because WGA-ORD-31C states that: "Union protections do not apply to cleansers, scented oils, or sentient sundry toiletries of any kind." Whatevs. I’m filing a grievance.

Anyway, it took me like two hours to watch this episode, because I kept pausing it to go pour chocolate milk really slowly as an avoidance tactic. Hey, did you know they make chocolate whipping cream now? Like, in a carton? And then you whip it and it’s whipped cream but it’s chocolate? That’s some crazy stuff, food scientists! Crazy stuff. What’s next — strawberry milk??? Ha-ha. That’ll be the day. Well, it’s been fun this week, gang! I feel like we pretty much covered all of Glee, so I’m going to go ahead and eat a spoonful of chocolate whipping cream and pretend that it’s food (it comes from a bean, you guys!), then take two and a half Ambien and just snuggle like it’s my job until Thursday. Cool? Read More...


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