Ringer Episode 10 Review: One Door Closes, Another One Opens

A lot of good things happened this week in the Ringer midseason finale.  And, a couple of bad things happened as well, but we'll get to those shortly.

Malcolm and Bridget wised up to the multitude of schemes and lies that surround them and quickly realized that Charlie had been holding Gemma hostage.  Siobhan just wanted her kept quiet, not killed (looks like she's got some heart after all).  But when Malcolm called the cops on Charlie, Siobhan's lackey decided to use it as an opportunity to extort more money from Siobhan.  Since she's currently broke, she was unable to pay.  So Charlie, ever the opportunist, decided to blackmail Bridget instead.  He confronted her about kidnapping Gemma and then demanded $250,000 for her return. Read More...



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