Glee 3.07 "I Kissed A Girl" Recap - And I Liked It

Glee continues on toward its mid-season finale with "I Kissed a Girl which sees Finn working to smooth things over and make Santana more comfortable in admitting her sexuality, while Coach Beiste squares off with Sue Sylvester for the affections of Cooter Menken, and Kurt faces a desperate choice as the race for student council president's vote looms.

Don’t have the time to spare?  Then here's what you missed on Glee’s "I Kissed a Girl!"

Santana stands before Principal Figgins in his office, along with Finn, Will and Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel) to answer for the slap she delivered Finn at the end of "Mash Off"  Figgins wishes to suspend Santana for her violent act for two weeks, rendering her unable to compete in the upcoming sectionals, when suddenly Finn pipes up to deny a real slap even took place, letting her off the hook. Read More...


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