'Survivor: South Pacific': Coach-chi with the Mansons


When we last left our "Survivor: South Pacific" castaways, the Upolus were picking off the Savaiis one by one, leaving Ozzy, Dawn and Whitney at Redemption Island together. Redemption IslandIn the morning after Tribal, Sophie is not too keen on Cochran anymore. Then Cochran talking-heads about the Upolu family saying that the use of the word "family" makes him think of the Manson family and he doesn't want to be the Sharon Tate in this scenario. Um, let's not get carried away, dude.He then asks the Upolus to save him for one Tribal as a way to repay him for helping them. Coach and Albert think he's being ridiculous, but Sophie thinks they owe Edna just as much. The Redemption challenge is a balancing-dishes challenge. Sadly, Dawn is out first. I loved her, I'm so bummed about that. Whitney then falls shortly thereafter and Ozzy stays alive. In her exit speech, Dawn is so wonderfully...



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