Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 1 Episode 11 Review: Will Son Goku Make It?!

Welcome to my latest (and most earliest) review! I want to start off by saying I did write some more notes down just like for last week's review. To set things off, let me say that I really enjoyed watching this episode! Let me elaborate...

The first thing I made note of (again) was that the episode started at around 9:02 A.M. in Japan. Once again, why can't Japanese television stations start shows when they are supposed to? I don't have bad eyes, so I know I did see that one commercial three times before the show! For crying out loud, it's called "Dream 9," not "Dream 9:02!"

Now, let's take a look at my notes: I've got "aired: June 14, 2009" and "eye-catches: same as last week's." Wait, here's one - "same commercial 3X - in 3 minutes!" I'm getting in to that again, so let's just move on...

Next on the list I have, "Nappa's 'best day ever' has been greatly shortened." To anyone who doesn't have a clue as to what I mean, please check out DBZ: Abridged episode eight. Finally, I have, "Piccolo dies - the ultimate sacrifice!" That scene was one of the reasons I liked the episode, so I can't wait for the emotional scene before he actually dies!

Now for my closing thoughts: I really liked this episode! It didn't feel rushed at all - it seemed to just flow by fine! I hope more episodes are like this one because it was just great! Okay, for the final part of the review - the commercials...

This week there were seven commercials that aired during the show that were "Dragon Ball"-related. For a complete list of those commercials, visit the episode's site page at "Dragon Ball Z Universe!" when I put it up (I haven't even started it!).

Once again, my personal favorite commercial was the teaser for the "Yeah! Break! Care! Break!" (closing theme of the show) CD single release. It was awesome, there were little kids all dancing to the song at the Lookout then Goku and Piccolo started fighting (in new animation)! Remember this CD comes out June 24, 2009, so get your order in like I did if you want to buy the single.

I guess that's it for this week's "Kai Korner" review. I hope you all enjoyed reading! I will be busy next week, so I'll try to get my review in early just like this week! Bye'cha!

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