LAW AND ORDER: SVU “Lost Traveler” Review

LAW AND ORDER: SVU "Lost Traveler" Season 13 Episode 9 – Sometimes Law and Order: SVUattempts to bring a subculture or ethnic group to the attention of mainstream America. Sometimes it sets out to remind us that the world is a dangerous place and absolutely anyone can be a soulless killer. Sometimes, as in the case of this week’s episode, "Lost Traveler," it manages to do both.

Little Nico bravely sets out across Manhattan by himself for the first time; as a Romani (a minority that apparently can still be mocked outright by police officers—not our team, of course, but the bad ones we’re not supposed to like) he’s used to being bullied, but he’s smart and sweet and beloved by his parents, and we know instantly that he’s going to die a horrible death. That’s just how SVU works. Read More...


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