THE LEAGUE “The Out of Towner” Review

THE LEAGUE "The Out of Towner" Season 3 Episode 9- Excuse me, I have to get this gum off me that I sat in before I start my review.

That’s much better. After the impressive Thanksgiving episode a few weeks ago, The League decided bring in another guest star this week. Will Forte (better known as That SNL guy) was this week’s guest star du jour. You’ll be comforted to know that Forte was the exact same guy that he is in every SNL skit. This week, Forte played Chuck, the friend who moved out of town and got clean and sober. Obviously, that didn’t end well. However, you have to appreciate the way The League ended his sobriety. After all, why give a guy a alcohol to end his sobriety when you can accidentally do cocaine with himm? Whatever. We have to find Pete something to do. Read More...


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