THE X FACTOR (US) “Top 7 Results” Review

Tonight’s show was brutal, and in all the wrong ways.

Look, I was the first to say, "L.A. Reid can’t win with Astro. Middle America doesn’t embrace hip-hop." Or if they accept it, they still don’t get it. And no matter how talented a dude is for being able to come up with an original, brand-new rap every freaking week, there are going to be people who say, "He never sings. What’s he doing here?"

They don’t get it. I get that they don’t get it. But it doesn’t make me less sad. Astro being sent home—after last night’s uplifting performance of "Black Or White" especially—was a serious downer.

And then follow him up with Drew essentially getting plowed by Everyone-Who-Is-Not-Simon. Wow. Everyone who doesn’t think this was a gang-up directed at Team Simon, you can leave the room now. The rest of you—I have a Hitler rant ready and waiting. Read More...


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