COMMUNITY “Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism” Review

Community returned from a week’s break with "Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism", which was a solid entry to the season but overall fell a little bit flat.

The two main stories of the episode started off simply enough. Jeff was humiliated at foosball by a couple European guys at school, and he said that he would play them a rematch on Monday. It turns out Shirley was an expert in foosball, so she agrees to teach Jeff and train him for his showdown. On the other story, we see Troy and Abed get mailed a very fancy special edition of Dark Knight Rises, which Annie destroys and tries to cover up. Both of those stories sound perfectly normal, right? Well, unfortunately they both suffered from the same issue for me: They both just got way too unrealistic.

Now I know what you’re thinking. This is Community! The sensational and crazy story lines are what makes this show so great! Well, usually I would agree with you, but the crazy story lines are usually prefaced by showing us, the audience, that these are a special case. For instance, we know that the Christmas episode from last season that was in claymation was all taking place in Abed’s head. We know that the paintball episodes weren’t supposed to be based in realism, as well as the Halloween stories from a few episodes ago that all were just told from members of the group. What hurt this episode so much for me was that none of this rang true with the characters that we know. Shirley is a nice lady, and we know she can have a dark side, but it just seemed too goofy and convenient that she was an expert infoosball and that she so easily lapsed into being a cutthroat foosball monster. And the whole anime scene was so unnecessary and forced. Read More....


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