WHITNEY “Up All Night” Review

WHITNEY "Up All Night" Season 1 Episode 9 – Nine episodes into the show, Whitney got injected (that’ll be punny later) with a good dose of humor in "Up All Night," when Chelsea Handler guest starred as the therapist Whitney so desperately needs.

After agreeing to be the maid of honor at Lily and Neal’s wedding, Whitney spiraled head-first into crazy, to the point of insomnia, as she tried to plan the perfect engagement party. Lily wasn’t much help because she’s one of those women who talks with her hands and her feelings, so she was left to make all of the big decisions on her own. Thanks, Lily!

Unable to sleep, Whitney went to see her therapist for some sleep pills. I’ve had a theory all along that the reason the show hasn’t been clicking for me, despite everyone’s claims that Whitney’s real-life comedy is raunchy and hilarious, is that the networks censored all of the humor out of her. Well, here’s my proof that this just isn’t true. Chelsea Handler was still funny. Or maybe I just liked her because she said to Whitney’s face the things I’ve been saying to my TV screen for eight weeks. Read More...



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