NIKITA “Guardians” Review

NIKITA "Guardians" Season 2 Episode 10 – It’s the midseason finale for Nikita and we have to wait a whole month to see the fallout of the huge, game changer revealed at the end of the episode. That Alex’s mother was still alive has been a theory long put forward by fans, though that hardly lessens the impact of actually seeing her. While Alex has constantly mourned her father, not much attention had been given to her mother’s demise and that has not gone without notice. Alex’s story strongly parallelsHamlet: young heiress loses her father; her mother marries her father’s killer (or so I assume); she sees visions of her father; she’s hellbent on revenge but up until now she’s been incapable of it. I wonder is Sean her Ophelia?

I’m not sure if the parallels were intentional, but they work well and it’s no wonder that the Alex side of the show is often more intriguing than Nikita’s. This season Nikita had to deal with Michael’s illegitimate child and no matter how you spin that, it just screams boring. Read More...


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