Blue Bloods “Moonlighting” Review

True to form, Frank puts, "checking up on my kids’ crazy antics" as top priority police business. If there’s ever an internal investigation on him the report will come up with the only infraction as, "extreme helicopter parenting."

The grand-larceny auto scene was great for two reasons-we got to see Danny dressed up like Danny from Grease, and the perp getting collared acted like getting arrested by an army of cops was the same level of inconvenience as a long traffic jam.

Blue Bloods seemed to forgo a little logic as far as police force distribution on "Moonlighting." Why can they get two trucks full of heavily armed cops to bust a non-violent car-thief but they get two cops in a sedan to cart around a mob boss who is very likely to be shot at or hire a hit on the cops? Read More...


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