Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 36 Review: Family Portrait

Thirteen years ago, Hohenheim had lived with Trisha and his two sons, but he had been tormented by the fact that he wouldn't age with his family. Aware of this, Trisha had brought in a photographer to take a family photo, and she had wanted them to stay a family regardless. Hohenheim had shared this desire to stay together, but when he figured out what was happening with the country, he knew that he had to go. He had found it hard to face his sons when he left, and even now he still carries the photo of them. Elsewhere, May Chang and Marcoh were still going over the research notes Scar had hidden away, but Marcoh was having difficulty translating the language. Right outside, soldiers had spotted them but Scar knocks them out and informs May Chang and Marcoh that soldiers are close by and should move out. Back at Briggs, Olivier continues to play along with Raven, and their conversation is interrupted by news that something happened to the advance team that was sent into the tunnel - only a horse and a soldier's dismembered arm came back. Taking command, Raven tells Olivier to return Sloth to the tunnel and to then close it off, and she complies. Raven also goes to check up on the Elric brothers in the prison and conveys his belief that Olivier is on his side now. When Olivier later releases Sloth, Raven reminds Sloth of the job he has to do and invokes Pride's name, so Sloth returns to digging in the tunnel.

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