A GIFTED MAN “In Case of Abnormal Rhythm” Review

A GIFTED MAN "In Case of Abnormal Rhythm" Season 1 Episode 9 - When a bride collapses in the lead up to her wedding, Michael diagnoses possible stress. But it’s her mother who ends up being the real patient. She has a heart problem that needs treatment, but when it’s discovered that the trigger was renewed alcoholism, the daughter leaves. The mother decides to follow, against Michael’s wishes, and has a stroke after another argument.

Michael has to operate to remove blood clots in her brain — and operation that very nearly ended badly. But she comes through, and mother and daughter reunite.

Over at the clinic, a school teacher, Julia, comes in with suspected meningitis and the whole clinic is quarantined temporarily. When tests show that it isn’t meningitis, the doctors are left to consider the options. Michael discovers an animal bite, possibly from a bat, on Julia’s leg and tests confirm their suspicions — advanced rabies. With only an experimental treatment available for an otherwise fatal condition, Julia is rushed towards Holt Neuro. But it’s too late – Julia dies en route. Read More...



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