Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 12 and 13

Before I go on any further with this "joint" review, I want to warn you - don't expect much in writing! I feel that doing the site pages and reviews are becoming "chores" on the site, and, today, believe it or not, I actually thought of ending my career as the only "Dragon Ball Z Universe!" site worker... but then I got to thinking, is it worth giving up everything that I've done for the past year and a half?

Today I will be reviewing two episodes together. I've been getting lazy with the site (as you can clearly read above), but I will try to keep you guys amused (even if it's to keep one person amused!) for the length of the review. First off, I want to say I actually liked these two recent episodes. I only have notes on the commercials in my pad, so I'm just going to give one paragraph for each episode...

Episode Twelve: When this episode was airing, I was more interested in watching the latest episode of "Harper's Island" and going to the Beyoncé concert, but I did get some things down for an opinion. The episode paced fine and everything was okay. My only concern is that Goku was very blurry when he was approaching Nappa. I guess Japanese animators finally learned how to a camera focus!

Episode Thrirteen: I liked this episode alot, too. I just loved the new eye-catches that aired during the episode and can't wait 'til the Freeza arc! Anyway, one thing that really threw me off was how Yajirobe just appeared out of nowhere in the episode... unless that's how it originally was in Dragon Ball Z!

The Commercials: During the episodes' airings, plenty of Dragon Ball-related commercials aired new and old. My personal favorite of the bunch was the Dragon Ball Kai home release commercial. It showed us what the series would look like in fullscreen on the Blu-ray releases. I can't wait to get my copy! Remember to pre-order the first volume on DVD or Blu-ray today!

So that's it for this week's "joint" review! I hope you enjoyed reading the thing, even if there's only one person reading in total! Anyway, see you next week (maybe...)! Bye'cha!

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