Boardwalk Empire “Under God’s Power She Flourishes” Review

As Nucky spoke with his new attorney, Fallon, I wondered why he had such faith in Rothstein’s attorney. After all, he really played no part in helping Rothstein beat the World Series fixing charges. It was Nucky’s connections and a bribe that saved Rothstein. It was not until the attorney had the good sense to ask Harlan what he was slowly struggling to reveal about Agent Van Alden’s murder of Agent Sebso that I was convinced that this guy was definitely worth the $80.00 an hour he charged. I suppose sometimes people must pay a steep price to be urged to do simple, common-sense things such as listening and having a bit of patience. These are certainly not Nucky’s strengths. The episode in which Van Alden drowned Sebso is one of the few episodes of Boardwalk Empire that I simply cannot rewatch because the incident was so disturbing. I always wondered if Sebso’s murder would ever be revisited, considering it was done in such a public place. When that incident was revisited in the "previously on…" part of tonight’s episode I sat on my sofa with excitement and thought, holy shitballs its back and its back in a MAJOR way! I’ve grown extremely frustrated with how long Nucky’s legal troubles have gone on this season. It’s a pretty safe bet that he is not going to spend next season behind bars getting visits from Margaret. This is not a Season 4 of The Wire, Wee Bay-type of situation. That aside, the linking of Sebso’s murder to Nucky’s legal trouble was a great payoff for viewer’s patience. Read More...


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