Allen Gregory “Mom Sizemore” Review

Allen Gregory "Mom Sizemore" Season 1, Episode 6 – At last, a character is introduced to Allen Gregory‘s world who is not only immune to his manipulative abuse, but who is in a rare position to effectively wield authority over him.

Allen Gregory‘s scheme to locate his biological mother starts out like most of his other cunning endeavors, but unlike the school faculty, Sheila has nothing that Allen Gregory can hold ransom if she refuses to comply with his demands. Allen Gregory needed Sheila but she didn’t necessarily need him.

Sheila’s comfortable parenting was like a breath of fresh air. She happily took on the mothering role withAllen Gregory and Julie providing love, structure, and discipline in the DeLongpre household. Motivated by a fear of losing the mother he just found, Allen Gregory briefly allowed Sheila to have some influence over him. Unfortunately he ultimately decided that he’d rather be spoiled than have a real mother. Read More...


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