Hung “The Whole Beefalo” Review

So this was the season-ending episode of Hung, though it didn’t feel like it. And I’m glad it didn’t feel likea series-ender. Which it could be, if certain critics have their way. That said…

It sure wasn’t the strongest way to go out, was it?

"The Whole Beefalo," written by Kyle Peck and directed by Adam Davidson, didn’t make me a very happyHung fan. As we open, Ray (Thomas Jane) is faux-proposing to Girl He Never Met. Seems appropriate. (Hey, anything to make a buck, right?) And it was probably the most realistic thing that happened on tonight’s show.

It’s not a criticism; the show is about a freaking male prostitute, not brain surgery. The target audience isn’t MENSA. Granted, it still has a way to go before it completely nukes the fridge or jumps multiple sharks (see: Californication), but a little tongue-in-cheekiness doesn’t harm an already-campy concept. Read More...


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