ANTM Recap: Let’s Talk About the Thumb-Sucking

This week's challenge came courtesy of Nigel, clad in a horrid Neapolitan ice cream–colored shirt and thus looking like the worst kind of British tourist vacationing on the Mediterranean but still determined only to eat baked beans and drink tea from a mug he brought from home. The final four get the chance to "audition" as a blogger for Italian Vogue's website, this being part of the winner's prize package. Nigel tells the models that not everyone gets the chance to write for Franca Sozzani — except, well, they do. After a day's work of writing, Angelea's scintillating exposé of Crete's "ghetto" is judged best by Nigel and Franca (who, despite making cameos on previous cycles, literally phones in her appearance this time around), and she wins a trip back to the island. Even though, of course, Italian Vogue's bloggers technically aren't compensated for their work. Read More...


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