'The X Factor' recap: It Must Have Been Love...

After an agonizing Thursday results show featuring Tinie Tempah, a random BLAST OF AUDIO FROM THE UNRULY CROWD, and enough tears to fill Simon's empty Pepsi cup, the two "acts" to be eliminated from the X Factor laser field on December 1 were….

Drew and Astro.

No last names! Just last breaths.

Astro's ouster could have been a bigger deal, had he been the only "act" ejected into the galaxy tonight -- but as it was, he was gone within the first 40 minutes. No-glasses-tro was super calm about it and assured America, "Hey, man, it's for the better." He then insinuated that he's got a "girl that live in Cali," whom he'll miss very much. No, no, it's okay that he's leaving. A lot of fans got pictures signed. It's fine. Thank you to all of the Astronauts.

No, the night's real drama belonged to poor Drew, who was crying pretty much the entire hour because she's a 15-year-old in an all-around insane situation. Once she realized she would have to sing for her life against Marcus Canty, the tears flowed even harder. Marcus was able to cover up his internal terror with a glassy-eyed "dreamin' through the pain" faraway gaze throughout the show, and kept it together during his save-me song, "Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye)." He really painted a picture of what was happening! Read More...



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