Parks and Recreation Review: The Record Shows Adorable

Oh Parks and Recreation, I guess your new baseline is going to be set at awesome. I suppose I can live with that.

"The Trial of Leslie Knope" quickly breathed a new and different dynamic in the still sparkly fresh Ben and Leslie relationship. A pretty gutsy move, considering how much could have been mined from them just as a working couple and attempting to keep their positions and love lives from mixing. Nevertheless, with Ben now resigned from the government, where do things go from here?

Ben originally didn’t really want to stay in Pawnee, and was only sticking around for Leslie. Nor did he really enjoy his job. Now that he’s with Leslie and without a job, what happens? As we all know, the show works best when everyone is in the department. Will he be part of Leslie’s campaign? The two of them did kick total butt in mock UN. Or will he be more Ann-like in being that random towns person who shows up occasionally?  Read More...


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