'The Office': Do as I say, not as I say


"The Office" has gone to the Andy-Robert well numerous times this season, with varying results. But the addition of a third party to the mix -- Maura Tierney as episode title character "Mrs. California" -- made this trip down CEO-manager lane pretty satisfying.What made it work was not the fact that Robert was being his usual inscrutable self, but that he was entirely scrutable: He announced what he wanted pretty emphatically when he burst into the office and told Andy not to hire Susan. He then spent the rest of the time trying to look like the good guy to her.We knew that, and Andy knew that too. But because he's still terribly uncomfortable around Robert, he could never find the line to walk where he could appear to (finally) stand up to Robert and send everyone away happy. Susan California also knew what was going on, which piled on the discomfort even more, giving...



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