Burn Notice Review: Deals With The Devil

Earning a rare perfect rating, "Depth Perception" took everything we knew about Michael and his relationship with his father and scrambled it like an egg being thrown into a blender! 

Anson has to be the most sadistic, devious, malicious, manipulative bastard Michael has every faced and I have never enjoyed a Burn Notice bad guy more. Does anyone else wonder if Sam and Michael had made a deal with the devil himself if they would have been less screwed over?  

I couldn't see anything good coming out of Sam and Michael going to Anson for help. But, then the emotions and responses Anson was able to pull out of Michael when he was asking him "If you were Oscar what would you want?" changed my mind. I began to think that Anson might not be entirely bad. Maybe Michael and Anson could find a middle ground.  Read More...



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