Community Recap: Abed Is Batman Now

These are the kinds of Community episodes I really like, when character backstories clash with the people they are now, and members of the study group learn to get over themselves and like each other. I like the episodes a whole lot more when they take already likable people and make them unlikable even just for a little bit, their insecurities and idiosyncrasies on full display. This episode really cemented the Jeff-Shirley friendship in a way that didn’t feel forced or false, and felt like a proper welcome for Annie into the Abed-Troy apartment world. I wish the episode had happened earlier in the show’s run; in the case of Jeff and Shirley, for example, breaking the tension that’s existed between them means they can now move past it, forging ahead into new comedic territory. And, you know, sadly there might not be much more time for said territory to be discovered. Ugh. Read More...


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