Parks and Recreation Recap: Law and Ardor

Parks and Recreation is no one’s idea of a plot-driven show, so when there’s a pivotal narrative point to be made, they may as well go all in. Ben and Leslie come clean to Chris about their relationship, hand in hand, and he responds by ... ordering an immediate ethics trial to gauge the seriousness of their transgression. He’s not happy about this — the stress is driving him to overdose on herbal supplements — although, it’s pretty cool that bee-pollen paste makes his mouth feel like a spaceship.

Leslie remains stoic and forthcoming about the relationship, just like Sarah Nelson Quindell, who exposed her elbow outdoors and was summarily set adrift on an ice floe on Lake Michigan. Witness after witness corroborates Leslie’s testimony that she and Ben first hooked up after Little Sebastian’s memorial (as evidenced by her "Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" e-mail and iMovie attachment to Ann) and that they did nothing illegal to cover up their relationship or violate any rule other than, you know, the one about them having a relationship to begin with. Tammy 2 — Ron can smell the sulfur coming off her cloven hooves — seems to be Chris’s rumored killer witness, but is quiet once reminded of the whole perjury thing. The actual killer witness turns out to be George, the maintenance worker in the park who saw them kiss, then was slipped a gift certificate to a spa in return for his discretion. Read More...


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