PAN AM “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” Review

PAN AM "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" Season 1 Episode 9 – Cliffhangers such as "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" are always a little nerve-wracking, especially if the show is like Pan Am and its future is not entirely certain. But ABC swears that our favorite flight crew will be back in January and after last night, I guess we’ll just have to trust that they’ll keep their word.

We’re off to London again, but this time, Captain Dean and Collette didn’t make the trip; they opted toplay hooky (not "hook" as Collette mistakenly translated) in order for Dean to give his French gal her first flying lesson. I really like that they didn’t just let this plot thread go; not only has it provided a reason for the two of them to get closer, but it might cause conflict later down the line if Collette decides she wants to be a pilot herself.

In order to get the crop-duster they need for the lesson, Dean takes Collette home to his family’s picture perfect New England farm. His mother is warm and welcoming; his dad wants to know what happened to Bridget, the girl he was getting ready to marry. This leads to a fight between Dean and Collette, where Dean tells her that he never took Bridget to meet his parents because it never felt right like it feels with her. They end up in the barn, rolling in the hay, and while I’m glad that Collette was able to let go of some of her abandonment issues, is there anyone who truly believed that Dean was totally over Bridget, even before the preview? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Read More...


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