Dexter “Ricochet Rabbit” Review

After last week’s incredibly obvious and telegraphed "twist", I was heading into "Ricochet Rabbit" hoping for it to really pick up on the Doomsday case and try to redeem this rather lackluster season. Regardless of how much I didn’t like the twist last episode, there’s still enough time for Dexter to improve in the final three episodes.

Unfortunately, this episode really wasn’t off to a good start. My biggest problem with the "twist", apart from how obvious it seemed to all of us viewers at home, was how obvious it should have been to Dexter. When you think about it, Dexter really is a better detective than anybody else at Miami Metro, and he of all people should have seen this coming. So it was disappointing to see Dexter start off the episode making such stupid decisions. First of all, shouldn’t the first thing you do when you find out that the guy who is a mass murderer and is the guy you’ve been looking for is unconscious upstairs, shouldn’t you go make sure he’s not going to get away? Instead, Dexter stays down in the cellar and checks Gellar’s wounds. After being easily contained and locked in the basement by Travis, he ends up having a very convenient vantage point to Travis talking to Gellar. This is followed by Dexter making his speech to Harry about how he needs to be the one to take down Travis after all that he "put him through". Read More...


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