Gossip Girl “Riding in Town Cars with Boys” Review

Finally! Some real, honest (melo)drama on Gossip Girl. It took half a season and borrowed liberally from the tragic demise of Princess Diana, but "Riding in Town Cars with Boys" saw the long-awaited reunion of Chuck and Blair.

Followed immediately by a paparazzi-induced car accident that might result in Chuck’s death and/or amnesia, given what I know to be true about soaps. And while it seems like Blair will come through the wreck relatively unscathed, I certainly don’t have high hopes for the survival of her baby.

Kudos to Dan for manning up and realizing that Blair didn’t need another suitor, but a friend who would help her make the most important choice of her life. Of course it was going to be Chuck. It was always going to be Chuck. The fact that Dan acknowledged this shows remarkable strength of character for someone who’s been very dislikable so far this season. Read More...



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