How I Met Your Mother “Symphony of Illumination” Review

Following Robin’s shocking pregnancy revelation last week, I expected How I Met Your Mother to go in one of any number of typical sitcom directions. We could have spent a few episodes dealing with the question of paternity and a few episodes dealing with the pregnancy’s impact on the relationships onHow I Met Your Mother. Instead, "Symphony of Illumination" immediately side stepped all the standard plot devices and handed us all the answers to our season long questions by letting Robin tell her own grown children about how she met their father.

Like any fan who had been rooting for Robin and Barney, my heart fluttered as I gleefully embraced the idea that this oops-baby was the conduit for Robin and Barney to find their happily ever after together. Despite Robin’s comfort with casual hook ups, she and Kevin had not yet taken their relationship to that level, so any potential conflicts arising out of paternity were null and the only conflict I imagined that Barney and Robin would have to deal with was the question of if they were ready to be parents. Read More...


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