The Good Wife “Parenting Made Easy” Review

It’s amazing what you can do in ten minutes. The Good Wife is a show which does not resort to violenceto up the ante and while I knew Grace was probably fine, there was still a probably and when tension and suspense is executed as well as it was in this episode, it’s hard not to imagine there’s a justification for it.

It was very well executed: Julianna Marguileis really captured that moment of forced rationale as she counts 12 missed calls from her daughter, with the blurry sound of movement and vehicle in the background, and then took it from there, moving into bare containment as her imagination runs wild and the nightmare she had at the episode’s open floods into a reality. It was a mighty fine performance helped by some well timed edits and directing which sustained the suspense for most of the third act. I also liked the scene where Peter gets the who’s who of the Chicago PD into his office and tells them to screw protocol and find his daughter pronto, as you would if you were DA. Read More...


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