Supernatural Episode 7.10 Review: An Emotional Midseason Finale

The midseason finale of Supernatural left me reeling and in tears. I’m not too proud to admit that I was touched by the character study that occurred throughout the episode. I know that there are some Supernatural fans out there who have never been very fond of Bobby. But like him or not, he’s become an essential character on this show and a crucial person in Sam and Dean’s lives. Those of us who are fond of him are kind of freaking out right now. But let’s begin at the beginning.

Racing Against the Clock

After Bobby had been shot in the head by Dick Roman in the previous episode, Sam and Dean quickly realized something was wrong with him. While Dean frantically drove to a hospital, Sam tried to do some basic first aid to ensure Bobby didn’t die before they could get him to an emergency room. When they did arrive, the doctors and nurses immediately swarmed around Bobby, trying to save his life. Dean wanted the bullet removed, but they weren’t able to do the surgery with Bobby’s life so unstable. Later, a hospital worker came by to talk to Dean about donating Bobby’s organs. Dean didn’t even want to think of Bobby dying and shouted at the man that his "uncle" would survive. Dean stormed outside where he found none other than Dick Roman. Read More...


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