'Supernatural': Did Bobby actually die? Why we think it's time to say goodbye


The mid-season finale of "Supernatural" was a tearjerker like we've rarely seen on this show. Bobby (Jim Beaver), who was shot in the head in the previous episode, navigated the recesses of his memories as his body fought for survival. Meanwhile, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) floundered, fresh out of faith healers and voo-doo priests to call on for help.The episode ended (spoiler alert!) with Bobby's last memory fading out and a reaper offering him the choice between going with him and accepting whatever the afterlife offers, or sticking around on earth as a spirit, possibly becoming the type of ghost that Sam and Dean might eventually have to hunt.Talk about a rock and a hard place.The cliffhanger ending is par for the course for "Supernatural" mid-season finales; they tend to be harrowing and heartbreaking, though the stakes here are higher than they've ever been before. So the question is this: Is Bobby...



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