Supernatural Review: "Death's Door"

Should fans start preparing for this to be the final season of Supernatural?

I certainly hope not, but with two major character deaths, Castiel and now, Bobby, it feels as if the show is preparing itself for its closing remarks leaving Sam and Dean to save the world one last time, all on their own. Although, technically, on this show, anyone can come back and death doesn't mean forever, the brothers have been finally pushed into a situation where relying on each other will be the only way that they survive.

While it's tremendously sad to see a fan favorite go, and I'm sure many viewers will be up in arms over his departure, it was a fantastic send off and closing worthy of breaking out the Kleenex. "Death's Door" was a Bobby centric episode that offered not only touching moments of background on the gruff guy, but captured the love and adoration Bobby felt for Sam and Dean in a complete hour. Now, if only Castiel had received the same treatment, his death wouldn't have felt like a quick and pushed away ending. Read More...


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