Once Upon a Time Episode 6 Review: Forced Into a Life You Didn't Choose

This week’s Once Upon a Time was all about people being forced into a life they didn’t really want.  Of course, that’s the very thing everyone in Storybrooke is experiencing, but now we've learned that it also happened to a character in the fairytale world.

The episode introduced us to King George, who is Prince Charming’s father.  Unfortunately, his kingdom was in need of cash, so he offered up his son as a champion to King Midas, who agreed to give George gold if Charming slayed a dragon.

Unfortunately, Charming was killed in an unexpected twist before he could leave on his quest.  Naturally, this presented a huge problem.  Without Charming around, who would help save George’s kingdom?  Desperate, he summoned Rumpelstiltskin for help and we learned some valuable information: years ago, George and his wife were unable to conceive and asked Rumpel to get them a son.  Rumpel delivered them a baby boy.  Now George asked Rumpel to bring his son back to life, but he was unable to do so.  Instead, he offered up a second option: he would bring Charming’s (unknown) twin brother to George. Read More...



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