Dexter 6.10 "Ricochet Rabbit" Review

Dexter season 6 returns to launch its tenth entry with this week’s roller coaster "Ricochet Rabbit," as our favorite serial killer works to correct his mistake and hunt down Travis Marshall before the Doomsday Killer can stage his next deadly tableau, as Deb continues fighting her demons in therapy.  "Ricochet Rabbit" finally gets back to the Dexter we know and love, even with a few bumps along the way.

Obviously, after the shocking reveal of last week’s "Get Gellar," there’s a substantial burden lifted off of Dexter’s sixth season.  No longer need those who put the pieces together early roll their eyes at how long the season dragged out the truth of Professor Gellar’s current state, and no longer must the writers concentrate on misdirecting viewers until the inevitable reveal.  With that no longer hanging over, "Ricochet Rabbit" feels substantially more mobile and tense an episode of Dexter, though not without its imperfections. Read More...


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