Leverage Review: Mockumentary Meets Mischief

One thing I can say about "The Office Job" is that it set a new standard for Leverage team member, as they worked a caper into the format and style of the highly successful sitcom.

As a Leverage story went, this one was mildly entertaining and enjoyably quirky. Peter Stormare as Gunter the German filmmaker was a lot of fun. Nate pulling him into the caper and using him to help reveal the true villain was creative and would not have worked on many jobs they do.

As I don’t watch The Office, I'm betting many of the workers that Nate and his team met were similar to those in the namesake show. Additionally, I wasn’t sure what to make of the "confession" shots where they sat down with one team member and had them talk to the camera. While it did generate one of the funniest quotes this week, it did slow down the action each time we cut to it.  Read More...



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