'Dexter' Recap: Pleasure Cruise

On this week's episode of Dexter, Travis goes rogue now that he is not tied down by his imaginary friend and secret lover Professor Gellar. He gets help from a new pair of disciples while Deb gets closer to the answer with the dead prostitute.

Imaginary Friend

Dexter is still reeling from the revelation that Travis is acting by himself while imagining that Gellar is still alive. Dexter inspects Gellar's body, but is seen by Travis who looks him in the secret room. Outside, Travis is yelling at his fake boss. It turns out that Travis was the crazy one from the beginning. He killed Gellar trying to prove to him that they were the two witnesses from the book of Revelation. Unlike in the bible, Travis neglected to realize that when you stab someone in real life, they die. Travis runs away screaming about killing more people, and Dexter escapes the basement.



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