Durarara!! Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Alone With Only the Shadow for Comfort

Episode 4 of Durarara!! starts with a focus on the Headless Rider and the opinions and rumors people have heard around Ikebukuro collected by Shinra Kishitani, a 24 year old who works as an underground physician. His job entails removing bullets from street shootouts, performing cosmetic surgeries on those who want to look like a different person, and in his free time he lives in a small apartment...as roommate to the Headless Rider.We learn quickly that the Headless Rider goes by the name Selty Sturluson (his first name an obvious play on the word celtic'' through whom the origins of the dullahan comes from), and that he is in fact a she! Her abilities appear to be heightened above that of a normal person as her headlessness allows her to see in a broader perspective than normal, believed to be a result of the smoke seeping from her neck, and to be able to hide her horse in the form of her motorbike.

Selty's story originates from Celtic lore, about dullahans being messingers of death who carry their heads under their arm, and that if one near death should open their door they will be greeted with a tub of blood. Twenty years prior to the series, Selty awoke in a graveyard in Ireland missing her head. She retained the basic knowledge that she was a dullahan, her name, and the extent of her abilities, but her memories had vanished. Also, she could feel the presence of her head somewhere and came up with the theroy that while her body house all the practical knowledge, her head held all her memories, and so she would need the two together again to understand herself and who she was.

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