'The Good Wife' recap: The Missing

As much as I hate to admit it, I think I enjoyThe Good Wife more when Alicia and Will are apart. It's because love triangles are always more interesting when the suitors are equally worthy of the person torn between them. This show is at its most complex when Peter, the man we were originally supposed to hate, is decent, and Will, the man we were supposed to root for, isn't ideal. Just because Alicia ended things with Will doesn't mean she's closer to getting back with Peter, of course. But it keeps that possibility alive, which is tension the show needs. Going back to my fondue reference in the last recap, this series is at its best when that core relationship heats up and you have truly delicious characters like Alan Cumming's Eli, Michael J. Fox's Louis Canning, and Tim Guinee's Andrew Wiley to dip into it. Let's dig in.

This episode was about bringing Alicia's anxiety to a boiling point so she'd have to press pause with Will. It began with her hearing Grace's voice in her sleep. "Mom. Mom. Something's wrong," she said. After seeing the promo for the episode that suggested Grace was abducted, I wondered how The Good Wife producers would handle that. It's a plot twist we've seen a million times, and they'd have to make it different and real. They planted the seed early in the episode that Donald Pike, the incarcerated white supremacist that Lockhart/Gardner and the state's attorney's office had wired prison pal Colin Sweeney help prove was having witnesses killed, was at it again. If there was to be retribution, going after the daughter of the state's attorney and Sweeney's favorite lawyer would be a good payback. What was brilliant: Grace didn't go missing until two-thirds of the way through the episode, which had you thinking we were in for a cliffhanger. (Granted, that would have been too melodramatic for this show.) It never occurred to me that Grace would have butt-dialed her mother 12 times while she was on her way to get baptized by that kid she's been seen watching preach online. We've all butt-dialed someone, but how do you do it 12 times in an hour? Was the ride in that kid's car that bumpy? Does his baptism service require a lot of sitting and standing? What's your record for most consecutive butt dials? Read More...



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