'Once Upon a Time' recap: Becoming David Nolan

Why do Ginnifer Goodwin's tears always make me drop my innate snarky cynicism and hug whatever fluffy stuffed animal is waiting nearby? When Margene Heffman had to give up her fledgling jewelry business on Big Love, I was this close to marching over to Utah to teach that no-good Bill Henrickson a lesson myself. I even wanted her to seduce Justin Long in that horrible hot mess He's Just Not That Into You,which probably makes me insane. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that Goodwin is an impossibly likable actress, so watching her heart break last night was an emotionally troubling experience. I've got your number, John Doe David Nolan.

Anywho, the opening credits for last night'sOnce Upon A Time included a dragon, so there was no way that this wasn't going to be a top-notch episode. We also had a visit from the phenomenally petrifying Alan Dale, and that MacCutcheon Scotch whiskey his Charles Widmore loved oh-so-very-much. $120 a glass! But the episode ultimately belonged to Josh Dallas' Prince Charming/David Nolan, who wound up being not quite as princely as we initially thought. Read More...



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