Pan Am Review: Love Is In The Air

In "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" be get to see a lot of kissing and a couple of bangs. Use your imagination to figure out what was what as we analyze the episode to find where those kisses and bangs landed.

When worlds collide
Maggie agrees to fly her friend Sam to the World Atomic Symposium so he can be there to support his Ban the Bomb group. He calls Maggie to the carpet on her beliefs. She flies with some of the most influential people in the world and they're a captive audience. When has she ever taken the time to truly talk to them about he desires to change the world? If only it was so easy.

Maggie can't keep her job and change the world in the same time and space. Her two worlds are not simpatico. If she were to bring her personal beliefs to the job, she would be fired immediately. Heck, Laura was almost fired for having a broken hairpin! The representative she met on the flight gave her three flights of stairs to try to change his mind on banning atomic testing. Maggie hasn't lost herself for her job, she just knows where to draw the line. In case you were wondering, the line doesn't stop at the bedroom! Read More...


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