Homeland Recap: Explosions in the Square

I'm not sure there's been a very loud chorus of people out there saying that Homeland hasn't been exciting enough, but if there were any such malcontents, maybe this episode was for them. Because KABOOM, what an ending, right?

First thing's first: Carrie listens to more jazz than maybe you were prepared to handle. If she's not smoothing on some Miles Davis as she waits for her "date" (biggest, scariest quote marks around that, given the outcome) with Brody, she's listening to it in the car on the way to work. She also listens to jazz while she's wandering ethereal hedge mazes while mentally picturing history's greatest atrocities, but I'm still not ready to discuss the opening credits.

Following up on the lead Carrie got from the imam's wife, the CIA has zeroed in on Saudi diplomat Al Zahrani as their next target. They've got a couple of angles to take on the guy, as it turns out he's both in debt and down-low gay — bathhouse photos and everything. Carrie and Saul are hoping to be able to put the squeeze on this guy, but the State Department gets sooooo skittish when it comes to the Agency violating diplomatic immunity agreements. Read More...



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