'Boardwalk Empire' Gangster Index, Week 11: Oedipus, Meet Heroin

Jimmy Darmody's wife paid the ultimate price for her husband's rookie mistakes on last week's 'Boardwalk Empire.' In 'Under God's Power She Flourishes,' Atlantic City's chief bootlegger and crime boss dealt with his wife's death by numbing himself on Luciano's heroin, and in the midst of his drugged-out flashbacks, we learned a whole lot about his bizarre relationship with his mother. When the Oedipal drama finally played out, it left the Commodore dead in his tracks.

The past also refused to stay buried for Nucky Thompson and Nelson Van Alden, as their own murderous secrets from Season One re-surfaced and threatened to put them both behind bars. Maybe they can be cell-mates.

To keep track of the deals, deception and death, AOL TV is continuing our 'Boardwalk Empire' gangster index, a guide to who's up and who's down among HBO's organized criminals.

Check out the index to find out how your favorite liquor-slinging sociopath fared this week ...


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Jun 2, 2016 12:24PM EDT

Gillan is one fracked up mother to keep her hold on her son when goes to Princeton to sleep with him knew this would be down the pike after she admitted to kissing his penis when he was a baby please for the love of god do not allow Tommy any where near grandma she will molest him too.

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